I'm reading - Company Shop Group Launches Surplus Super Hero Campaign

01.08.2019 - News

Company Shop Group Launches Surplus Super Hero Campaign

Company Shop Group, the UK’s leading redistributor of surplus food and household products, has this week kicked off a nationwide summer holiday campaign.

Its pioneering campaign, Surplus Super Heroes, aims to entertain, educate and inspire the next generation of shoppers in each of its stores, about the importance of reducing food waste.

Over the six-week school holidays Company Shop will provide a ‘Surplus Super Hero’ themed goody bag to every child visiting the superstores in Barnsley, Grimsby, Middleton, Corby, St Helens and Washington. The goody bag includes a booklet which introduces a new Surplus Super Hero each week throughout the holidays until 1st September.

Surplus is the additional stock or produce that can be left over as a result of supply chain operations. The ‘leftover’ products are all perfectly good to eat and safe to use, but for a variety of reasons are classed as surplus. As a result of their pioneering redistribution model, and the hundreds of members shopping in their superstore’s each day, Company Shop ensures that these valuable surplus products do not unnecessarily go to waste.

By providing children with access to educational materials and key messages recognising the importance of helping to protect the environment by reducing unnecessary food waste through surplus redistribution, Company Shop is continuing to help members to shop good, feel good and do good.

Specially created characters in the Surplus Super Hero campaign include Polly the still perfect peach, Franc the French labelled fish finger, Ollie the over-sized onion and Billie the old branded baked beans, amongst others. Each Surplus Super Hero serves to educate and entertain children shopping at the superstore during the summer break, whilst enabling family members to continue to access the high-quality, low-cost surplus food and products on offer and stretch their family budgets further.

To maximise the impact of the summer campaign, the booklets will also be available at the business’s award-winning social enterprise, Community Shop. This will ensure that even more members and families are able to benefit from the entertaining and informative activities provided by the Surplus Super Hero campaign.

The pioneering campaign is also supported by WRAP and its Love Food, Hate Waste initiative which aims to raise awareness of the need to reduce food waste. The initiative provides easy, practical and everyday ideas for ways reducing food waste in the home, helping to save money and protect the environment.

Company Shop Group is the UK’s leading redistributor of surplus food and household products, and has spent five decades working with some of the biggest retailers, manufacturers, food service and logistics providers to ensure that good food and products reach people first.

“As a forward-thinking and innovative business, we are constantly looking to evolve our membership offer and feel that it is vital that we play our part in ensuring that the next generation is inspired and educated on the importance of reducing food waste to protect our environment.

“We are delighted that this pioneering campaign has got off to such a flying start, allowing us to provide entertaining and educational materials for children in our superstores during the school holidays, while allowing families to continue to access our retail offer and stretch their family budgets.”  Jane Marren, Group Managing Director of Company Shop and Community Shop