Welcome to Company Shop.

A surplus supermarket like no other!

What is Company Shop?

We help our members get more for their money and save big on the brands they love all while stopping good food from going to waste, making shopping with us good for budgets, good for bargain hunters and good for the environment too.

As the UK’s leading redistributor of surplus stock, we’ve got 14 stores nationwide with a wide variety of surplus items to choose from, including excess stocks, product trials, and seasonal lines. We work directly with manufacturers and retailers to secure surplus stock, ensuring you have access to top-notch products and brands at unbeatable prices.

We check thousands of prices every week so you can save over 50% off your weekly shop. Get ready to slash your grocery bills and join our exclusive community of savvy shoppers who are passionate about saving money and reducing food waste.

What is surplus?

Perfect product in imperfect packaging.


This could be anything from canned goods with dented cans to cereal boxes with slightly damaged boxes or it may simply come in plain and unbranded packaging. The product itself is perfectly fine, but the packaging may not be perfect or look slightly different to normal.

Excess stocks.

Sometimes, manufacturers produce more of a product than they need. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as changes in consumer demand or unexpected production delays. Company Shop works with manufacturers to purchase excess stocks at a discount, so you can save money on the products you love.

Product trials and seasonal lines.

Manufacturers often produce small batches of new products to test the market or to sell during certain seasons. These products can be hard to find in traditional supermarkets, but you’ll find them at Company Shop.

Missed, delayed, or returned deliveries.

Sometimes, deliveries to supermarkets don’t go according to plan. For example, a delivery may be missed due to bad weather, or it may be delayed due to a mechanical issue. Company Shop works with supermarkets to purchase these products at a discount, so you can save money on high-quality groceries.

Benefits of being a member.

More taste.

Stretch your grocery budget further with seriously discounted groceries from well-known brands and supermarkets, and load up your trolley with our amazing buy up to six rule. Now you can enjoy more of the food you love without sacrificing quality or taste.

Less waste.

Most of what you see on our shelves is a “surplus” product that supermarkets can’t sell. By shopping at Company Shop, you’re not just saving money; you’re also making a positive impact on the environment. We help divert perfectly good food from going to waste, reducing food waste and its associated environmental footprint.

And thousands of surprises.

Leave your shopping list at home and embrace the thrill of the unknown! With new deliveries every day our shelves are constantly filled with a diverse array of products, from everyday staples to unique finds you won’t find anywhere else. It’s like an adventure every time you shop, so open your mind and fill your boots (or trolley).

This is a supermarket like no other.

And the best news is membership is free!