What can be redistributed?

Surplus comes in all shapes and sizes.

Where products can still be safely eaten or used, we can redistribute them. We can take products across all food and non food categories, and our industry leading processing methods ensure the products are safe to consume. Our innovative capabilities such as x ray machinery and bottle wash means we can take products that require extra processing, whether that’s due to damaged packaging, short shelf life or misprints and more. We can also take categories which are more difficult to handle, such as frozen. Plus, with BRC accreditation and approval from over 800 of the UK’s major retailers and manufacturers, you can be sure your surplus is in safe hands.

Case Studies.

For every surplus challenge, we believe there’s a solution. Check out our case studies to see how we’ve provided surplus solutions for many retailers and manufacturers, across many product categories. 

Surplus Hotline

For every surplus challenge, we believe there’s a solution.

We can handle much more than you think – even the items others can’t. We provide both a commercial and social return so don’t let your surplus stock go to waste. Call our surplus hotline now to see how we can help you.

0800 211 84 84