Surplus Hotline

Surplus Hotline

Get in touch to see how we can help you.

Don't let surplus stock go to waste.

Surplus products on your site needn’t become waste, in fact, they’re an opportunity. Where products can still be safely eaten or used, they can be redistributed through us.

Hundreds of sites and organisations are already working with us to handle their surplus products. You can trust us to find a better solution for your surplus and to even take the stock that others can’t.

If you can eat it, use it or wear it we can redistribute it.

Over the past five decades as the UK’s leading surplus redistributor, we’ve built up the infrastructure, logistics and expertise to handle all kinds of products and challenges. And with our unique business model, you’ll be helping to improve lives, protect the planet AND create value for your business.


An award winning social enterprise.

Based in the heart of the some of the UK’s most deprived communities, Community Shops are social supermarkets providing surplus food at deeply discounted prices. But they’re so much more than that – with life changing programmes and community spaces, they build stronger individuals and more confident communities.

Our Company Shop stores.

At our members-only Company Shop stores, we sell surplus that otherwise would have gone to waste at discounted prices, helping families with stretched budgets get more for their money.

Surplus Hotline

For every surplus challenge, we believe there’s a solution.

We can handle much more than you think – even the items others can’t. We provide both a
commercial and social return so don’t let your surplus stock go to waste. Call our surplus hotline
now to see how we can help you.