Company Shop Group is the UK’s leading redistributor of surplus food and household products.

With a heritage spanning five decades, we’re a business at the forefront of the sustainability agenda; changing mindsets and educating across the industry. We call it Corporate Surplus Responsibility.

Where others see waste, we see opportunity.

Home to Company Shop stores (our retail operation) and our award-winning social enterprise, Community Shop, we enable the biggest retailers, manufacturers, food service and logistics providers to unlock value from surplus stock, which may have otherwise gone to waste.

Our Company Shop members enjoy a unique way of shopping, offering them surplus products from well-known brands at amazing prices, helping stretched budgets go further.

Our Community Shop provides members with vital access to deeply discounted food, as well as life-changing learning and development programmes; building stronger individuals and more confident communities.

We’re a ‘good business doing good’; creating positive commercial, social and environmental impact.

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To earn the trust and loyalty of all our stakeholders by ensuring our shared endeavours are always in the best interest of people and planet whilst respecting commercial success.

In simple terms, profit with purpose.


More Stock: growing and building deeper relationships throughout the industry, enabling partners to unlock potential from surplus.
More Stores: growing our retail and online footprint, and selling more stock categories across more territories.
More Members: With more stock and more stores, we can welcome more members.



Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our colleagues, the food safety of our products and the sustainability of our planet.

That's why our certifications are integral to our business and why we'll always aim for industry leading approval.