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Welcome to Company Shop Group – we’re so excited you’re considering joining our team! We’re unlike anywhere else, as we’re on a mission to create a world with less waste. We sell ‘surplus’ food and household products that was destined to be thrown away and sell them through our network of member-only stores.

Working with us is a whirlwind of the unexpected and surprising; we guarantee no two days are ever the same, and we thrive on it!

What is surplus?

If you’re thinking of joining us, you may be wondering what ‘surplus’ is. Put simply, it’s perfectly good products that for one reason or another, were destined to be thrown away. There’s many reasons for this, such as mis-labelled products, damaged packaging, short shelf life and more. Using our industry leading intervention methods, we’re able to take these products and make them safe to consume or use as originally intended – meaning it’s better for the environment, and better for people as we sell them at around 50% cheaper than the retail price.

We’re trusted by over 800 retailers, manufacturers and brands in the UK to take their surplus and sell through our network of member only stores.

Our people and culture.

At Company Shop Group, our people are at the heart of everything we do. We’re passionate and proud about our mission and that’s why we call ourselves “The Surplus Stock People”. As well as making real change and positive impact to businesses, people and planet, we also strive to have a culture to be proud of, whilst of course taking care of our people who make it all possible.

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We’re proud to be part of the Biffa Group, and together we make a positive impact on our planet every day.