Surplus Hotline

Surplus Hotline

Get in touch to see how we can help you.

How we redistribute surplus.

We make sure surplus doesn’t go to waste.

We’re committed to helping create a world with less waste, and over 50 years we’ve built the infrastructure, logistics and the expertise to make sure products are used for their intended purpose. We have dedicated redistribution centres and are the UK’s largest surplus redistributor of food and non food products, handling in excess of 100m surplus items each year. Selling them in our member-only Company Shop stores and Community shops, we support both the industry as well as those people that need it most.

We can collect your surplus from you.

We understand that some surplus products need to be handled quickly, that’s why we have a dedicated surplus hotline with the expertise and advice needed to help you find the right solution. Not only that, through our extensive redistribution network we have a team of surplus stock people ready to collect your products directly from you, for free – saving you the hassle and the cost.

And we’ll even return your totes or trays in pristine condition.

Surplus Hotline

For every surplus challenge, we believe there’s a solution.

We can handle much more than you think – even the items others can’t. We provide both a
commercial and social return so don’t let your surplus stock go to waste. Call our surplus hotline
now to see how we can help you.