Integrity, knowledge and capabilities you can trust

We are the leading redistributor of food and household products in the UK trusted by top retailers, manufacturers and brands.

We've been specialists at redistributing surplus products for over five decades, aiming to change mindsets across the industry. We handled over 98 million products in 2021 alone, bringing commercial, social and environmental benefits to our partners, while protecting the brands we work with.

So, when you're talking to us, you really are talking to the experts.

Brand integrity is important

  • Our processes and protocols lead the way in the industry. 
  • We have approval from all the major retail supermarkets to redistribute their surplus products in own-label packaging and totes.
  • We are BRC certified (A Grade) against the Global Standard for Food Safety (Issue 8: August 2018).
  • We ensure that your products are traceable back to us by using approved brand disclaiming methods.
  • Our membership criteria and rules (which include a maximum purchase of six products per customer) protect our redistribution model and our partners’ brands.

We can handle it all

  • We can take products across all categories that are surplus for all sorts of reasons.
  • If you have surplus stock because of labelling issues we can relabel products to make them legally compliant.
  • We can take large quantities of short-dated chilled stock and blast freeze it ('chill to freeze'). We then resell them as frozen products.

Tap into industry-leading insight

  • We can do a Waste Walk around your site to help you find ways to reduce waste through redistribution.
  • We can run Insight Days to help your employees understand how to unlock the full potential of surplus. 

Let Our Expert Team Help You

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