I'm reading - New Oscar Mayer partnership to increase surplus redistribution

12.04.2024 - News

New Oscar Mayer partnership to increase surplus redistribution

Oscar Mayer and Company Shop Group have created a new partnership that will increase the amount of surplus stock redistributed, pushing it back up the food waste hierarchy and supporting even more people and communities.

Company Shop Group (CSG) is the UK’s leading redistributor of surplus food and household products and will partner with Oscar Mayer, a leading manufacturer of chilled food supplying the UK’s top retailers, chains and food service, to redistribute all of its surplus stock.

The new partnership demonstrates a next step for Oscar Mayer in its commitment to its ESG strategy, in which a fundamental element is reducing the amount of unnecessary waste that occurs within their manufacturing processes.

Oscar Mayer will work with CSG across its full product range, including private label products, work in progress, finished goods and raw materials, demonstrating the full holistic approach the manufacturer has taken in a bid to make the most impact on their waste reduction efforts.

Company Shop Group’s pragmatic industry focussed solutions will give Oscar Mayer a simple single redistribution route for its three UK sites and their leading technical capabilities will ensure product traceability and brand protection throughout the process, with the agility and scalability needed to redistribute their wide range of chilled goods.


Additionally, the new partnership demonstrates Oscar Mayer’s commitment to increasing their colleague benefits and engagement, as CSG can offer a host of benefits by working together. One of those benefits includes their Company ‘Pop-Up Shops’ in which they provide an on-site mobile solution to their Company Shops for Oscar Mayer colleagues, allowing them to buy high quality surplus products at discounted prices.

As well as colleague benefits, CSG can provide additional expert resource for Oscar Mayer’s manufacturing team, through their ‘Surplus Unlocked’ initiative, which aims to further reduce waste by identifying and capturing surplus higher up the production process.

Surplus stock from Oscar Mayer will be redistributed through Company Shop stores, as well as their award-winning social enterprise Community Shop, which supports thousands of people experiencing food insecurity in some of the UK’s most deprived communities.


Sarah Hill, Chief People and Development Officer at Oscar Mayer, said: “We have been committed to redistributing our surplus stock for many years and having the best solutions in place to help us continue reducing our waste. This partnership allows us to take that commitment one step further, as Company Shop Group’s innovative and expert solutions provide a trusted route to redistribute our surplus products; this will lessen our impact on the environment whilst also positively impacting communities and our colleagues.”

Owen McLellan, Managing Director for Company Shop Group commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with Oscar Mayer and are committed to helping them unlock the value from their surplus. We have demonstrated our ability to redistribute a wide range of products, and through our industry-leading interventions we can ensure more products end up where they were intended, on people’s plate, and we look forward to working together to capture even more surplus.”