I'm reading - ‘Changing Mindsets’, group’s first sustainability and impact report.

25.03.2019 - News

'Changing Mindsets',
group's first sustainability
and impact report.

Company Shop, the UK’s largest redistributor of surplus food and household products, has released it’s first-ever Sustainability and Impact Report.


‘Changing Mindsets’ demonstrates how the Group’s activity has made a sustainable impact on the food and household industry, headlined by the 70 million units of surplus stock it handled in 2018 which saved 23,607 tonnes of waste, an increase of 8% from the previous year.


  • 70 million units handled in 2018 including 4.2 million non-food items
  • 23,607 tonnes of waste saved; up 8% from 2017
  • 380,000 worth of stock donations by industry partners to support Community Shop


For more information email sustainability@companyshopgroup.co.uk


As a result of Company Shop’s redistribution model, 56 million meals* were made in 2018, helping food to be used for the purpose it was originally intended – to feed people – and not be wasted.
With over 123,000 unique customers passing through the doors of its six superstores during the year, generating 2.2 million transactions, Company Shop estimates that its members have saved £45m on their shopping throughout 2018, helping stretched budgets go further for some of the hardest working people in the UK.
During the year, Company Shop delivered a financial return of £16.5m to its supply chain partners in purchases of their surplus stock, taking the Group’s collective return being generated back to the industry in the last 10 years to over £113 million.


The Group also reports that in 2018, £380,000 worth of stock donations were provided by its industry partners to help support Community Shop, the Group’s pioneering social enterprise.

Based in some of the most low-income communities across the UK, Community Shop offers food access to those who need it most, but can afford it least. Membership to the store is open to those who receive some form of welfare support and live locally. Revenues raised from the enterprise are used to deliver professional, personal development programmes supporting members to live fulfilling lives and build stronger individuals and more confident communities.


Jane Marren, Company Shop Group Managing Director, said:


“2018 was a year of continued achievement across the group. Changing Mindsets captures the deeper implications of what we’re doing and showcases how, when organisations come together under a common cause, we can make a real and sustainable impact.


“Company Shop is helping people to see waste differently so that we can unlock the full potential in surplus to deliver financial, social and environmental benefits.


“I’d truly like to thank all of our partners for working with us to make this happen and encourage others to think about how Company Shop can support their sustainability agendas and our industry challenge of tackling food and household waste.”


Speaking in the report, Peter Maddox, Director at WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme), said:


“The recently published Resources and Waste Strategy for England recognises the importance of redistribution in tackling the industry wide problem of surplus food ending up as waste.


“Company Shop plays an important role in ensuring that such food is used to feed people.


“To help identify surplus food, Company Shop is supporting implementation of the WRAP and IDG UK Food Waste Roadmap by embedding the principles of ‘Target, Measure, Act’ in the ‘Waste Walk’ audits they offer to their food manufacturing partners.”


Access Company Shop’s Sustainability and Impact Report: ‘Changing Mindsets’
For more information email sustainability@companyshopgroup.co.uk