I'm reading - Working in partnership to see waste differently.

Working in partnership to see waste differently.

How we’ve helped

Our surplus specialists work with partners to identify, capture and redistribute harder to reach surplus that occurs higher up the supply chain.


Working with Pilgrim’s UK, a business well-positioned as leaders on food waste reduction, we analysed every stage of production to identify new opportunities for redistributing surplus products.

Embedding ourselves in Pilgrim’s UK’s production facilities for extended periods of time, we:


  • Analysed and mapped the production process to see where waste was occurring
  • Gathered product samples and created new surplus categories across the site
  • Calculated production volumes to identify potential surplus volumes
  • Created a solution to deliver value for Pilgrim’s UK – a bespoke ‘own label’ range for Company Shop Group
  • Six new ‘own label’ products created using surplus captured from existing production lines
  • All products labelled by Company Shop Group to meet legal requirements
  • Products sold through Company Shop and Community Shop stores.

"Tackling food waste forms a crucial part of our sustainability strategy, and we’re pleased we’ve been able to work in partnership with Company Shop Group to leverage their expertise and our resources, to have a meaningful impact on the planet and in the local community."

Matt Dight, Head of Sustainability, Pilgrim’s UK