I'm reading - Work in progress. Redistributing surplus components.

Work in progress. Redistributing surplus components.

How we’ve helped

Surplus ingredients, components, and work in progress (WIP) all arise well before a manufacturing process is complete. Sometimes you may have a WIP item that doesn’t meet the specification, or ingredients that run out of internal shelf life.

At Company Shop Group, we work hard to find a solution for these products that occur higher in the supply chain. For instance, we support manufactures with the forecasting challenges of producing ‘food to go’ and their supply chain bakery.

Orders for these types of goods are placed on estimates, well before the actual orders are known, often resulting in surplus. One way Company Shop Group can support this supply chain is by redistributing all the surplus bread that occurs in this supplier and manufacture interface, creating a cost recovery for the baker and lessening a potential waste burden for the manufacturer.


As these loaves were baked for the food industry, our interventions include compliant labelling for onward journey to end consumer, as well as foreign body detection in instances where this would have been part of the final product checks.

This intervention helps feed our members, prevent good food from going to waste, and enables the manufacturer to receive a cost recovery.


Our scale and infrastructure enable us to handle high volumes of surplus stock across all product categories and apply any necessary interventions – even if it is still a work in progress. We also make redistribution easy for our partners through our 24/7 operations, whether we are receiving or collecting your surplus stock.