I'm reading - Underweight or light-fills. Weight is not an issue.

Underweight or light-fills. Weight is not an issue.


We work closely with a major meat processor and packing business that packs set weight and price point packaged meat for many of the UK’s grocery retailers.

As part of this process, non-compliant under-weights and over-weights are rejected and end up as surplus. As we don’t want to see any perfectly products go to waste – especially those fully-finished and in packaging – we collate and collect these products for redistribution through our membership-controlled store network.

Through our investments in line machinery, within temperature-controlled environments, we can check, weigh, and apply a new label showing the correct weight to ensure legal compliance.


This solution provides the processor with a secure redistribution route (regardless of product brand and mixed nature of the rejected products), a financial recovery for the stock, and the knowledge that these great products are getting to people’s plates as first intended.

Did you know?

Throughout our 50-year heritage, we have invested in our business to ensure that we continually provide the UK’s food and wider FMCG industry with progressive, sustainable, and scalable redistribution solutions. Our infrastructure and logistics enable us to handle high volumes of product, alongside providing a wide range of innovative, safe and compliant product interventions; ensuring that great products do not needlessly go to waste.