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Short dated. The sandwiches that get left behind.

Ready-made sandwiches are a popular lunch-time bite as they’re tasty and convenient, but many people are unaware of just how logistically challenging it can be to manufacture these products.

This is because sandwiches not only have a short shelf-life, but they’re also made up of multiple components. It was for this reason that one leading food manufacturer we work with created these products in advance based upon forecast orders so they could meet their delivery schedules on time.

The issue was that often these forecast orders would change for all sorts of reasons – such as a rainy weekend reducing sales – resulting in leftover stock that couldn’t go elsewhere as it was in a mixed pallet format in own-label packaging.

Thankfully, we’ve spent over 50 years building up the infrastructure necessary to handle these types of items, so were able to sort the mixed pallets and provide the manufacturer with a secure redistribution route through our membership-controlled, Company Shop store network – getting great sandwiches to people’s plates whilst protecting brand integrity.