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Helping manufacturers achieve a fizzy financial return on delisted.

Packaging redesigns are a natural part of the manufacturing and retail process, but this can present challenges around what to do with any remaining excess stock in ‘old’ packaging.

A manufacturer for a well-known supermarket came to us with this exact problem after an update to the packaging design of some of its premium fizzy drinks had left them with more than 17,000 cases of delisted own-label products, which contained over 100,000 units of perfectly good drinks. These products couldn’t be sold through stores as originally intended, as they would clash with the new design launch, meaning they may have been thrown away.

As we’re trusted by all the major supermarkets to handle their own-label products, we were able to take the delisted drinks and redistribute them through our Company Shop superstores across the UK. In return, the manufacturer received a financial return on their surplus stock and helped to protect the future of our planet.

“We work very closely many of the UK’s major retailers to provide the right solution to their surplus and are trusted to redistribute their surplus stock – even when it’s in their own brand packaging. This was a significant quantity of surplus stock which, thanks to our infrastructure and logistics, we were able to successfully redistribute through our membership-only stores.”


Joanna Holland – Senior Commercial Relationship Manager.