I'm reading - Our educated answer to finding school uniforms a home.

Our educated answer to finding school uniforms a home.

How we’ve helped.

More and more of our retail partners are recognising our ability to help them solve their surplus problems beyond food, particularly with household goods and clothing, which have proven extremely popular with our members.


This includes our partners at M&S, who came to us with a complex logistical challenge in the form of school jumpers in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes. Our infrastructure and expertise with surplus products in all categories enabled us to find a solution to redistribute these clothing products with ease.

We matched the colours of the school uniforms to schools near each of our Community Shops and sold them in-store at heavily discounted prices. We also sold some of the stock through our Company Shop stores, with the full proceeds supporting our Community Shops.


This successful redistribution was a win-win, helping M&S free up their warehouse and enabling our members to buy high-quality clothing for their kids at excellent prices.

Did you know?

M&S is one of Company Shop Group’s most longstanding partners.

In fact – they are the very first major retailer we started working with!

Over the years we’ve helped M&S redistribute literally thousands of perfectly good surplus products in own-label packaging across multiple product categories – including everything from store cupboard staples to short-dated ready meals – across both Company Shop and Community Shop.