I'm reading - Freeze Me Eat Me Initiative.

Freeze me. Eat me.

Working alongside WRAP, we have been looking at ways we could reduce the amount of food that consumers throw away, particularly bread. Bread is the second most thrown away food product in the UK, with over 400,000 tonnes of it going to waste every year.

To encourage people to freeze the last few slices in a loaf, WRAP trialled new bread packaging in four Company Shop stores.

Our membership model made it easy and cost-effective to collect data on a scale that would have normally been extremely difficult and expensive. And because our customers are used to buying unbranded goods, we could provide a unique environment for research where biases from brand preference weren’t a factor.

Working with Company Shop on a recent project allowed us to access its membership to understand citizen behaviours towards a particular product and its packaging. Using this large group to conduct surveys, focus groups and interviews has been invaluable for obtaining feedback from a wide range of people in a highly cost-effective way. Company Shop have been helpful and responsive and we have worked in partnership every step of the way.

Helen White, Citizen Behaviour Team, WRAP.