Our trailblazing project, Harnessing Harder to Reach Surplus, will further support the food and drink industry.

We are delighted that Company Shop Group has been awarded £1.97 million of funding as part of the Government’s scheme to substantially reduce food waste from retailers and food manufacturers. We are very proud to be recognised in this way for our established technical infrastructure, capabilities and expertise.

We will use this funding grant to launch a new, trailblazing project, ‘Harnessing Harder to Reach Surplus’which will further support the food and drink industry. This project will focus on identifying, repurposing and redistributing the harder to reach valuable surplus from higher up the supply chain that, until now, has not been redistributed, due to the cost and complexity of accessing it.

More about Harnessing Harder to Reach Surplus

Our Harnessing Harder to Reach Surplus project provides a solution that no other redistributor can. It addresses the complex interventions necessary to increase the redistribution of harder to reach surplus products further up the supply chain and the impact and sustainability of our project will be felt way beyond the lifetime of the fund.

The grant will fund:

o The creation of a new team of surplus intervention specialists who will spend their time working in manufacturing sites alongside internal manufacturing teams, to identify and provide practicable solutions for food safe product which is currently being classed as ‘waste’ instead of valuable ‘surplus’.
o Manufacturers and retailers to overcome cost and complexity barriers to redistribution.
o Production of a suite of awareness raising assets to help manufacturers understand the possibilities and value of redistributing hard to reach surplus.

o Roll out of a range of toolkits across the industry to demonstrate the possibilities of redistributing hard to reach surplus.

Alongside the positive environmental impact of reducing food waste, we will invest all profits of food sales into our award-winning social enterprise, Community Shop, enabling us to expand our reach and impact into more communities.

For more information on our pioneering project, please call us on 0800 211 84 84 or email us at surplus@companyshopgroup.co.uk