March 25th 2020

The safety and well-being of our colleagues and our members is our main priority, we are staying close to the government advice to ensure we are doing the right thing for both our colleagues and members.

We want to reach out to keep you fully informed of everything we are doing in our stores to continue our focus on protecting you and our colleagues from the spread of Coronavirus.

How we’re implementing social distancing in our stores:

We must implement measures in stores to ensure everyone can maintain social distancing requirements. This will considerably change how people shop in our stores and is the right thing to do to help limit the spread of Coronavirus as much as possible.

If you are in our stores, from tomorrow (Thursday 26th March) you will see:

  1. Colleagues at the doors to maintain safe member numbers in stores and to ensure we keep a minimum 2 - metre distance from other shoppers and our colleagues.

  2. There will be clear signage, directions barriers and floor markings to help you move around our stores.

  3. An ask that members only touch items they intend to purchase.

  4. Requests to use cashless payment wherever you can to minimise contact with our colleagues. As of April 1st, we are increasing the contactless payment limit to £45 to make this easier for all.

  5. Every other checkout will be closed to help ensure everyone can maintain a safe social distance.

  6. To support social distancing and help reduce queue lengths, when at the till, please place items in the trolley and pack them at your cars.

  7. There will be regular announcements on our tannoy to remind members of their responsibility to apply social distancing rules while they shop in our stores.

  8. We are also in the process of installing screens at our checkouts to help minimise contact and protect both colleagues and members.

Our colleagues are working extremely hard and under huge pressures, we are immensely grateful to them. At this time, we simply ask for the protection of our store colleagues and yourselves, to maintain social distancing.

How we’re looking after our members and communities: 

We are working closely with our supply partners to ensure stock availability for everyone, that is why when in-store you will see quantity limitations on specific products. We continue to open our Community Shops helping to support those in most need, as well as in our member-only superstores, where we have put additional measures in place to help our most vulnerable and frontline members, including:

  • Shopping on behalf of members – if you are vulnerable, self-isolating or struggling to get to stores because of key worker shifts, you can permit a friend or relative to shop on your behalf by giving or providing an image of your membership card for them to bring in to stores and shop.

  • Guest passes and vouchers for members to share with the guest they would usually bring with them to shop so we can continue to encourage social distancing.

  • Opened our membership to workers from Private Hospitals.

  • Opened our membership to workers from the Prison Service.

We have outlined a lot of new measures to support our colleagues and members throughout this time and will continue to stay close to government advice. We thank you for your understanding and support throughout this time.

Read a message from our Founder and Chairman John Marren here.