Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen the widespread news coverage about the spread of COVID-19 across our communities in the UK. And we’ve all seen how this has led to consumers stockpiling. We’re very aware that low income families could be the ones most affected due to their ability to access food and groceries and also not having the means to stock up on essentials.

As the UK’s leading surplus redistributor, Company Shop Group has been approached by local Government bodies such as Feeding Britain to outline our plans to support the communities in which we operate. As you may know, our Group is home to our award-winning social enterprise Community Shop where our local members receive welfare support. We have five Community Shops across the country and our members come in to buy good quality products at deeply discounted prices, which makes a huge difference to their lives.

What Can YOU Do To Help

DONATE NOW: Please help us help our Community Shop members who are living in disadvantaged communities across the UK. Donate your surplus to us NOW so we can ensure our members continue to have access to good quality, nutritious food and other household products they may need in these challenging times.

Don't forget: Our Group's infrastructure means that we can absorb and redistribute any level of stock, no matter how high and we can get this to the people who need it most!  

What Can We Take?

We can take any surplus that is meant to be eaten, used or worn. Here’s what we can handle and redistribute:

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Get In Touch Now

donations@community-shop.co.uk or call 0800 211 84 84.