Our focus is on providing flexible, sustainable solutions for surplus. By doing so, we stop good products going to waste, which benefits our partners, our members, our society and our environment.

  • We help manufacturers, retailers and big brands turn waste into financial and social benefits, without compromising the integrity of their brands.

  • We provide our Company Shop members with a unique way to shop, giving them surplus products from well-known brands at amazing prices. This helps stretched budgets go further and prevents perfectly good products from going to waste.

  • We provide our Community Shop members with access to deeply discounted food and life-changing services that build stronger individuals and more confident communities.

  • We protect our planet by stopping millions of perfectly good products going to waste. This supports the vital global priorities outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the UK Courtauld 2025 Commitment, of which we’re founder signatories.

Our Vision

Our vision is to unlock the full potential in surplus. 

  • By doing so, we can deliver financial, social and environmental benefits to our industry, our communities and our planet.

Our Values

Since our Founder and Chairman John Marren started out five decades ago, we've been driven by simple, honest principles that are still the foundations for our Group's future growth and success. They're embedded in five Values that our people bring to life each and every day.

- Challenge the norm
- Seek innovative solutions
- Keep an open mind
- Be passionate
- Be the expert
- Improve everyday
- Have integrity
- Take responsibility
- Sales through service
- Respect each other
- Collaborate relentlessly
- Laugh and celebrate

- Fast, flexible and efficient
- Plan and deliver
- Keep your promises